Sunday, June 28, 2015

Church Lady-Polka Dot dress

Yes, my knees are showing! Gasp. For church in the morning, I wore leggings under my dress, covering my knees. I normally enjoy dancing at church and dress appropriately to do so. I want to wear dresses and skirts, not just jeans, but still be able to move freely during worship. Adding to that, we intentionally took a prayer break where most of the congregants were on their knees on the ground, myself included. All things considered, I normally dress for church with fashion AND function in mind.
However, as the afternoon progressed, the temperature and humidity began to soar. It was almost miserable. My very-soon-to-be-daughter-in-love's bridal shower was this afternoon...outside. I was not going to continue to wear leggings. Sorry!

This is one of my most favorite dresses and one of the first I made. I built it for my graduation from university in match the school colors.

I accessorized with a vintage black, multiple strand beaded necklace, matching black beaded drop earrings and my stand-by white vintage hand bag. Same old thrifted, favorite pair of heels.

I noticed a sweet friend at church was also wearing black and white but stripes. I commented how we matched and she insisted that I take and wear her polka dot bangle bracelet...which you can see on my wrist.

I seriously LOVE this dress so much!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Hike Day-Arroyo Pescadero Trail

Be aware.

Hiking crew.

I didn't even know K was behind me. 
This hike is mild for endurance but HOT if the sun is out. It's fairly flat and stroller friendly except for some wooden stairs at the beginning BUT there is ADA access, so you can avoid the stairs all together.

Small parking lot, totally free. One porta potty that is nicely enclosed behind wooden fencing. It's regularly maintained's a porta potty, ya know? There is a drinking fountain next to it as well.

The trail IS dog friendly and there is evidence to prove it. Gross!

It was very warm when we went but we've endured worse. Do NOT expect any shade. The trail is a loop. Not very interesting but nice for a local 'hike.'

Sun block, hats and sun glasses are a must. No water features. Hydrate the day before and bring extra water. Not very picnic friendly since there is no shade.

Driving to it, it's easy to miss. There is a small green sign and if you pass it, there are no U-turns for a ways.

The hills offers some nice scenic views though. I imagine it's a nice and mild hike for fall or winter.

Low on the adventure scale. Nice for a short walk and easy drive.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Church Lady-Wrap Skirt

Can you appreciate the sidewalk chalk, porch artwork from my 6yo?

It's Summer Solstice, the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. In honor, I wore a make-shift *crown* of flowers in my hair and one of my favorite skirts.

I have a growing collection  few of these versatile, layered, reversible wrap skirts that can transform and be worn as dresses. This one is floral and has shades of bright and deep pinks. What's NOT to love about it?

I wore it with a neutral, solid grey colored shirt to church, since it was a little cool at first. I pulled out another vintage hand bag, also sporting a floral design under that clear vinyl. Strappy heeled sandals, a silver origami owl bracelet, gifted from a friend, layered pink beaded necklace,  and a pair of rose colored drop earrings.

I especially love the way these skirts flow. You can wrap them various ways to create different styles of dresses, though I can't remember if I even ever have. I love them most as skirts. They are very light weight. I haven't been able to find fabric like it locally.

These skirts are just perfect for dance and worship. Not to mention, literally wash, wrap and wear! I don't know if fashion can get any simpler than that...unless you're a fan of the muumuu.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Oak Canyon Nature Center, Anaheim

 This was more of a nature walk than hike. It was a hot day, which tends not to agree with us. Parking is free, though the lot is small. There is an interpretive nature center, though it was closed when we went. There are plenty of restrooms and drinking fountains. The trails weren't very clear' as there numerous marked trails. 

The center itself feature bridges, plenty of benches to sit, and a stream along most of the trail, though its not very accessible. 

Low on the adventure scale but potential to relax. Most of the dirt trails are stroller friendly. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Church Lady-Lemon Dress

Pastor has started a new series at church on Joy. I am one of the invited speakers and this morning was my turn. However, last week, Pastor did a funny thing. At the end of his intro message, he included in his power point, a slide of me, wearing a yellow dress I had made with my facebook caption: When life gives you lemons, have a drink of water and make a yellow dress. Then announced I was speaking the following week.

I did not know he was going to share that picture and I joked that I now felt pressure to wear the dress and he joked that everyone could wear yellow on the next Sunday as well.

Being the female that I am, I did not want to wear the same dress so soon after already wearing it but I certainly didn't mind sewing a new dress for the occasion.

A trip to the fabric store and I found the perfect fabric--white cotton covered in lemons! I also created the dress in a different style than I normally sew, giving it more structure. A tank bodice and pleated skirt begin the foundation of this sunshiny bright ensemble.

I debated adding a zipper or buttons but in the name of convenience opted to go with my old stand-by: slip-on worn with a belt. Tada!

I am not sure why but every.single.picture. Birdy took this afternoon produced a lens flare, a rainbow ring around me--creating a bit of a 'fuzzy' look. Sorry.

I wore the lemon dress with my fav green cardigan (again!) with the skinny belt on top. Same diy yellow flower clip in my hair, vintage yellow shoes, white vintage purse, accented with green drop earrings and necklace. Fingernails painted yellow as well.

Snapped a quick pic post-post!
Much clearer. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Friday Hike Day-Black Star Canyon Falls

 Again, we changed up our routine and went hiking on Thursday but like we promised, we went back to last week's trail to find the water fall this time. We did not miss the sign post and I also spotted this one, near the end, to alert us we WERE on the right track, when we came to a fork in the road.

This trail is in NO way stroller friendly & unless you want to carry them in a pack, I do NOT recommend this trail for little ones at all. The trail disappears at times. It's very unpredictable. There is plenty of climbing over rocks and boulders, that can be very slippery. High on the adventure scale for that reason alone.

The environment for this trail is absolutely gorgeous. Nice and cool, plenty of shade, greenery, water at spots. I could  not in good conscious, call it *easy* though.

When we started our hike, there was a lot of dew still on the brush. As we walked by, we'd get nearly soaked since the trail is narrow. It was neat to 'wash our hands' using  leaves though.

Our  destination was the waterfall, or whatever would be left of it, given the season and the drought. We think we found it and it was just a mossy drip.

Climbing the rocks is fun. Really adds variety since it's not a flat walk. You really have to scramble over boulders.

We saw quite a few red salamanders. We didn't know what they were at first, we're used to seeing dry, grey lizards, which we saw on the fire road. The kids found them quite fascinating creatures.

The shady trail is a nice change from the long fire road at the beginning. One sign said the falls were 4.7 miles out. We weren't exactly sure but it's worth making a day out of it. The fire road is full sun and hot. It's not fun on the way back either, so pace yourself. Bring snacks and plenty of water. As always, hydrate the day before and use/wear sun protection.

See ya' next week!

This is what the trail looked like.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday Night in June

...the sound of rain drops falling on the umbrella above you, meant to offer shade. The humidity breaks with every drop as a warm breeze embraces. It will only last a few summer minutes...inhale as many breathes before autumn comes to exhale winter.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Church Lady-Sheet Skirt

I love getting dressed up. Period. Especially for church though, I try to dress nicer than my every day wear. I am a fan of skirts, year round, but I have to wear pants and a polo shirt for my job at the tutoring center, which is almost every day.

Here, I share with you my Sunday attire.

I want to look nice, balance fashion with function and frugality.
I sew most of my dresses on Sunday mornings right before church!

I am out of dress fabric so today I pulled out a skirt I created for the first day of Spring last year.
I built this skirt from a vintage sheet. I just adore that flower print, don't you? It has flat pearl-ish buttons down the back that I did not get a shot of. 
I actually made pleats with a narrow, flat waist band. 
It's super comfortable!

I paired it with a plain black tank top, tucked in and my favorite green sweater. I love that white, vintage hand-bag that I somehow inherited from my grandmother's stash of surprises from her storage unit. I wore a set of 3 coordinating bracelets I purchased from some cheap place last summer and a green beaded bracelet someone handed down to me. In my jewelry stash I found a silver ring with a white pearly looking stone. I'm sorry you can't see it on my finger. I am also wearing a hand crafted necklace of floating white, pearl-ish looking beads, purchased from Heavenly Treasures gifted from my oldest. My earrings can't be seen but they are a lovely pair also gifted to me from my oldest.

Those shoes though! This pair of yellow vintage shoes were thrifted at least a few years ago. They actually started to separate heel from shoe but I invested in a tube of Shoe Goo & bam! Problem solved. The ankle strap is actually removable too.

See you next Sunday for my next installment. 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Friday Hike Day: Black Star Canyon-Irvine

We actually went hiking on Monday this week. It's summer and we thought it might work better. This trail has FREE parking but absolutely NO restrooms. The drive isn't that bad in either direction.

It's mostly stroller friendly, in that the trail way is very wide. You could probably hack it with a jogging stroller but it's up hill all the way and going downhill all the way back is not that easy. It is partially asphalt at first and transitions into dirt with some gravel. It is dry and dusty, full sun %95 of the time. The trail, until you reach the mountain and Cleveland National Forest, is lined with a barbed wire, electrical fence on both sides with serious warning signs of being arrested for tresspassing if you cross. Careful with small children.

You can expect to see lizards, large birds/vultures. Definitely a work out. Hydrate before you go and definitely use sun protection!

Can you see that small post, that the arrow points to? Well, we didn't, not until the way down, after hiking in the full sun for at least an hour and a half.

That post has the words FALLS written on it, twice! With two arrows pointing away from the trail we were on. Yep, we totally missed it and therefor missed our real destination of Black Star Falls. It was definitely a bummer.

We want to go back and check out the falls, which include a much shadier trail. The trail to the creek bed did NOT look stroller friendly at all.

We are hoping to go back soon and find the falls.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Hello June

Its time to simplify. Rest, renew, and rejoice. You are halfway there. Take a breather but don't give up. Who knows what may be happening 'across town,' during your sixth month...

**Luke 1:26-27 NIV In the sixth month of Elizabeth’s pregnancy, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth, a town in Galilee, to a virgin pledged to be married to a man named Joseph, a descendant of David. The virgin’s name was Mary.**