Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Jr Hi Worship

Is LOUD! lol By the end of winter camp I was used to it...I think. What I really noticed though was how full of energy it was/is. It was exciting. Kids were jumping, clapping, raising hands AND singing.

Now granted, I did notice a few girls who only stood when the rest of their girl group was in unanimous agreement to stand & worship together, stand together, sit together & raise hands or not, together. But hey...I've got to give's STILL jr hi. Over all though...I think I felt more freedom in my personal worship surrounded by a bunch of jr hi-ers, than I normally do.

I WANTED to dance & raise my hands & clap To the Lord, For the Lord & W/ the Lord & w/ my young students. Now, that I'm back @ church, (& we have a GREAT worship band) I feel like it's just not enough. It actually feels too mellow, which is funny if you heard our Sunday night worship band. lol I wanna sing LOUD, raise my hands HIGH & dance & dance & dance.

On the last night @ did border on 'out-of-control'....& I'm pretty sure it was something the worship band had NEVER seen before. There was a space to the side of the stage, in front of the audience where some students & leaders would gather to stand & worship or dance & worship or jump & worship. It was a pretty cool but faster paced song....somehow a CONGA LINE started around the meeting hall...of course my students & I joined in. It was fun, it got clogged & I conga'd us right back to our seats.

WE seemed to have lost a few students along the way & somehow the group of students in that space in the front, to the side of the stage, headed up towards the stage & ONTO the stage. It had potential to be a worship riot! All these students flooded the stage & were singing & jumping. The female woship leader looked a bit scared. The male leader stopped the music & reminded the students to focus on WHO we were worshipping & keep it in perspective & somewhere in there directed them OFF the stage.

Luckily we only had 2 students up there. I then expected the worship leader to bring it 'down' a notch & start singing a slow song, it made perfect sense to me. But surprisingly, he restarted the same song. Everything was ok though & the students responded accordingly.

But if we could just harness that energy into our everyday worship much more exciting & fresh would our lives seem?

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  1. Amen and amen!! We could learn a lot from the "next generation".


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