Tuesday, February 28, 2006

miss me?

Things are hectic here, to put it mildy. I don't even feel like 'writing' that should tell you something.

I am physically exhausted. Even by my 'good' stress. My sales team has sold a bit over $10,000 this month, the highest ever. I will be getting a promotion. (this is my direct sales biz, link is in 'married musings')

Also have an Improv Show coming up...I barely know when rehearsals are...much less when my performance dates are. H was so sweet this morning, he called to remind me that *I* had rehearsal tonight & I am actually show captain. (he's also in the show) Which means I have to set the show, decide on formats & call it. I HATE 'calling' it. It's my performance 'weakness'.

The topper is my grandma has been in the hospital since last week. She is nearly 91 years old. Her alzheimers/dementia has been decreasing her mental capacity, rapidly lately. She stopped chewing a few weeks back & last week stopped swallowing, walking or verbally responding @ all. She couldn't really talk anymore but would still respond occasionally. All that stopped last week.

A trip to the doc determined she was dehydrated---so into the hospital she went. Every time is like: 'this could be the end' And I have realized that THAT is very emotionally & mentally draining. She had a feeding tube surgically placed this past weekend. I have not seen her since Friday.

The ktbunch & I went to the hospital & spent a good 3-4 hours there. I didn't go sooner cause the 'rules' are: no visitors under 12 yo. Well, I decided to take my chances & walk in like I knew what I was doing & was 'supposed' to be there. Noone said anything to us. ;o)

The ktbunch was great. They sang to her. Helped me rub lotion on her arms & hands. Drew her pictures & talked to her. She whined most of the time. It's obvious she does not want to be there. But the littles did get one cognizant smile out of her...but then she was gone again, to wherever she goes. lol Poor thing. She is lonely 'in there', I think. My ktbunch is so much better than I am. But I will give myself credit as a parent, I must be doing something right for them to be so compassionate, even @ thier young ages. {sniff, sniff}

I am brain dead today....feel like I can barely function. H is working so much that it has now become common for me to stay up past midnight (or later) waiting for him. I woke up today @ 10:20 AM! Our mom's group was @ 10 am......I went, but barely. I didn't even have the mental energy to crochet.

I think my stress tolerance level has gone way DOWN.

The only reason I will have my Thursday 13 up this week is because I wrote it LAST week. lol SEE? I thought TODAY was Wednesday? lol I don't even know where I am anymore. lolololol


  1. Girl, you must be exhausted - take a rest . . . don't worry about us - we'll be here when you get time for us - no pressure - don't worry that we'll miss you horribly - that we won't survive without you - go ahead - spend time with your family, your job, your work, your improv - we'll be okay (sniff, sniff) - we'll make it - we're strong! ;o)

  2. Oh I ache for you. These times are so stressful when you have so many plates spinning in the air. And it doesn't matter if the change is good (as in the promotion and sales stuff) or bad (as in the hospital stay, it still causes STRESS. I am praying for you and oh my goodness what sweeties your children are to go in and be so loving and compassionate to their Great Grandma. Know that there are prayers going up for you on this coast....:-)


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