Thursday, February 23, 2006

thursday 13

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I CAN'T RESIST!

1. My 5.5 yo ds smile (he's got daddy's dimples)

2. My 13 yo ds tears

3. My DH charm

4. Hanging my clothes on the 'nice colored' hangers

5. Checking my emails numerous times through out the day

6. Library books, LOTS of them!

7. Waiting up late for Dh....even if it's 2am!

8. LOTS of Christmas lights

9. Clearance items

10. New yarn

11. Painting my 3.5 yo dd toenails

12. Freebies

13. Rearranging my furniture every few months

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  1. Cool Stuff! So sweet!

  2. Hey, kt, I can't resist email....lights...and clearance items either. :-) Susan


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