Saturday, March 4, 2006

What we did Wednesday

H finagled Annual Passes for Disneyland w/ some Disney gift cards we got from my family for Christmas. The littles had never been there before & we hadn't gone in ages.

It's nice because we can go back, almost anytime we want. Not on Saturdays, which is fine because H never has Saturdays off anyway.

We took our time getting there, which ended up being 'peak' time, I think. lol We had to wait in line for awhile to get our pictures for our passes. Then we were off. L wanted to go on the train, first thing. I was carrying her on my back...& when we got up to the platform, there were some large tree roots that had raised up the concrete, but not broken through.

I did not even see them & started to trip. I could not catch my balance & I did not see the other tree roots so finally I fell & she flew off my back & fell too. I was fine but she was really crying. She hit both her elbows & one had a mean scrape. I asked a 'cast member' if they just had a band-aid but they didn't. They insisted on calling First Aid & suggested we put some ice on it. FIrst Aid wanted us to walk there, if we were able. I just wanted to get the day started. sigh.

So we made a mini-trek to First Aid...where they checked her out & put a giant bandage. It wasn't even a Mickey Mouse bandage...what's wrong w/ these people? lol

Finally we were on our way. S decided he was VERY hungry, we hadn't even done anything yet. So we ate a giant corn dog (yummy) then made a 'right' into Tomorrow land. Their first ride was Star Tours. Since they're mini Star Wars geeks, it was perfect. They LOVED it. L was just tall enough.

Later, we made the mistake of going into Fantasy Land---so crowded. I forgot how scary the Snow White ride is too---ick! We went on the tea-cups. You can see in the pix above. I love that pic that is all blurry in the background. I felt nausious just standing in line for it. lol I remembered the days when I would enjoy spinning as fast as possible. Now it's time for my ktbunch to enjoy that---but not me. lol

L is so MY girl. She loves fast, thrilling rides. She raises her hands, screams & yells, 'Faster, Faster!'. (I hope she won't be attracted to boys like that, ie: thrilling & 'fast'. lol) She cracks me up.

Towards the end of the afternoon, we headed on over to Ca Adventure. We'd never been there before. I heard it was 'lame' but it looked like lots of fun. It was certainly way less crowded. It looked like it had more 'grown-up' rides. I can't wait! We only went on a few more rides. We were in no hurry & under NO presure to get it all done in one day. (the beauty of passes) We know we can go back anytime. It's a great incentive to get the ktbunch to finish up their school work daily. ;o)

I do have one hesitation.......Disneyland is like the consumer capital of the world. I am afraid we will turn into materialistic heathens. lol It's so easy to get caught up in all the 'propaganda'. kwim? To buy STUFF! Useless STUFF. We stayed out of the stores, that might be the trick...but boy was it tempting...even IF we didn't have any $$$$. lol I felt like Pinocchio on that island. Like everything is shiny & new & tantalizing & calling out to me, buy me. I mean doesn't EVERYONE need a pair of mouse ears & gloves? lol (we got neither)

My favorite 'souvenir' to get is actually postcards...but I forgot to grab one before we left. Their usually inexpensive & they can go in a scrapbook. (if I ever start that hobby again)

I was still exhausted & running on fumes...but I just enjoyed the day w/ H & had a good attitude. Cause that morning, I did NOT feel like going but *I* wasn't going to be the 'party pooper'. No way! H was excited to surprise the ktbunch. We did not tell them where we were going....but S is smart, he kept saying; 'We're either going to Legoland or Disneyland, I think.' H told them we were going to the beach.

They were so good too, no bad attitudes or anything. I think it helped that we were relaxed & in no rush. I saw a few 'large' families there. One young couple w/ 4 boys & another family w/ 5-6 kids. They looked like they were having fun. I wondered if they were homeschoolers since it was a weekday. lol Then I saw one mom w/ quite a few kids but she was dressed like a Bratz Doll! :O seriously. Wierd.

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  1. How guys look great in the pics and I LOVE the way the pics move...gonna have to look into that one. I have a friend who has the passes to Disney World and she does it all on a shoestring budget...they have figured it all out. Staying OUT of the stores is a HUGE step in that direction. :-)


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