Monday, May 29, 2006

LONG Weekend Update!

Friday my IN-laws had a vacation day & wanted to go to we went w/! It was crowded, kind of. lol

The park did not close until Mid-night but I had an 11pm improv show. Ca Adventure closed @ 9. My plan was to leave when Ca Adventure closed, drive home, drop off the ktbunch & then head back to the show.

I did not get out of the parking lot & onto the freeway UNTIL 10 min. till 10pm...which is the time I was to be @ the theater. A little glitch in my plan. I took the ktbunch w/ me & I didn't even have my 'lucky' improv shoes, jeans or t-shirt! I had to grab a new tee from the box, good thing I had them in the van.

E had to work so he wasn't there...but he did set the show & invited some other players. The audience was fuller than last time which was great! The show was pretty good too. But it is ALWAYS much better when he is there.

Saturday was the neighbor girls' b-day party. I sewed her a cute ruffled halter top that I made that morning. Very vibrant print & colors. Since we only have a small chain link fence seperating thier back yard form ours, my littles could see the festivities as they were happening & kept telling me to hurry so we wouldn't miss the party. lol I knew though, that it was a party like we have, they have lots of food to bar-b-que & it pretty much goes on ALL night.

The next day my SIL had a graduation party @ her MIL home, which is about an hour or so's drive.....I made her a bracelet. I tried making a matching necklace but I messed it up. I packed up the bracelet & we were on our way......or so I thought.

The directions were not very clear & I drove around for an extra hour & a quarter tank of gas before I decided to turn around & come home. I called them numerous times but neigher SIL or her H answered their phones & DH was working & tried to help as much as he could but he didn't know where it was either. That was a bummer.

I was so exhausted when we got home. When it was time for church, I had neither the strenght nor the energy to enforce the littles getting ready in a timely manner & figured they needed the rest as much as I did. So we skipped & went to bed EARLY!

Monday---a holiday! HA! I still did quite a bit of school work w/ S & E did a little bit. Then we pretty much spent the afternoon & into the evening hanging out w/ our next door neighbors again, eating what was left of the b-day bar-b-que meal & birthday cake. lol It was nice & very relaxing. I invited the neighbor & her SIL to leanr to crochet w/ me anytime, if they were interested....they said they were. I hope so.

I also re-covered my dining table chairs. They look great, I think.

E was normally scheduled to have Monday off but since it was a BIG holiday weekend.....he ahd to work anyway so he only has one day off this week. He is SO tired, poor guy. I am so blessed that he is such a hard worker. ;o)

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