Monday, May 22, 2006

Weekend Update!

I had a business party Friday night, strangest party ever. The hostess was a 'new recruit'....I drove to her home (not far) & when I got to the door & rang the doorbell, a male voice just hollered, come on in. No one opened the door for me or anything.

There were a few males sitting around, no one got up or offered to help or even asked if I needed help. A few kids were running around & a few ladies were there as well. I just kinda walked in towards the back. A woman asked me wehre I'd like to set up, I told here wherever.

I noticed a coffee table w/ no glass in it, then she asked if I needed a table for my display. Yes. I asked her if she was the hostess, no it was her dd. I did not meet the dd for about an hour. (she was upstairs, getting 'ready')

The mother & another male brought in a table from outside. It was a bit weathered, wet & sagging in the middle. I went to the kitchen to ask for a paper towel, but they did not have any. Finally a woman found an El Pollo Loco napkin for me to use.

I wiped off the table & then began setting up my display. I had to wait quite awhile to get started but the guests seemed nice & friendly enough. Later the hostess brought out snacks for everyone. She made everyone a ham & cheese sandwich w/ chips. I only thought this was odd because it was about 9:00 pm by this time. Then she had platters of individually wrapped snacks, like those oatmeal cream cookies that come in individual wrappers....everything was STILL in the wrapper. Also, gum, individual pieces of bubble gum.

I thought that was funny. It was ok though.

Saturday, I was so tired for some reason. I had been fighting a sore throat for a few days now. It was also my brothers birthday. We were supposed to meet @ restuarant to celebrate @ 5:00 pm. I was so wiped out I actually took a little nap. We did not leave our home until about 5pm. It worked out though. His MIL & FIL were nice enough to pick up the tab for ALL of our meals.

We bought him a t-shirt that had a picture of a squirrel holding a stick & a pile of acorns/nuts behind said 'Protect Your Nuts'. He thought it was hilarious. I knew he would. Before the birthday dinner, we went shopping for his gift & I picked up a few odds & ends from Target. I also got myself a few clothing items, one of which was a skirt that looked awful once I got it home & tried it on. I suspected it would, due to the style, not that flattering. I plan on returning it. But I did get a romantic looking blouse that is really cute.

Dh went in to work early for an appointment but came home right after w/ some flu symptoms. I had gotten him some OTC flu stuff & it helped a bit, he went back to work after a few hours of rest.

That night, I started on the co-ordinating pants to go w/ the dress I made L on Mother's Day. Sunday, I finished them. DH worked so late on Saturday night, we both slept in. His flu symptoms seemed gone but now he has a painful cough. I'm sure our bad sleeping habits have alot to do w/ it. We have not been getting to sleep before midnight & most days it's 2am.

Sunday night---church. The weekly 'world view' has been about the movie, The Da Vinci Code. Interesting stuff. A friends DH has a 'small group', they watch movies & then discuss the world view in it. He gave the world view & encouragd us to see it for ourselves but to be educated in the facts not the fiction in the movie. You can read his review here.

This week's bulletin also had some great quotes that I will post later.

I actually got off my duff & stayed up doing some cleaning before I finally went to bed. I felt really good about it & it was nice to wake up this morning & be able to actually 'start' our day instead of having to deal w/ yesterdays clutter. (the result of which you can read in the post preceding this. lol)
I think I might actually do the same thing tonight. {gasp!}

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