Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No power, again

All my recent blogs have been PRE-dated. lol

I was in the middle of posting about our weekend power outage Monday evening, when BLIP! The power went out AGAIN!

It wasn't even on for 24 hours. It was off for another 25. ONLY our block.
My neighbor had JUST restocked her refridgerator w/ $500 worth of groceries & meat, from the last power outage. Lovely! She was able to take her milk & meat to her mother's freezer & mostly everything else was ok.

Good thing it was ALOT cooler than the first time. I am hearing reports from friends in the area, of their power being out for 20 minutes to 5 hours and instantaniously returning to power. Ours required an actual person to come out to the pole to figure things out.

This time it was more than one guy, about 10 or so & a few trucks, they replaced a box ON the pole.

It wasn't so bad, I actually got more done around the house. I'm decluttering again, really & truly. lol

It was nice & refreshing to come home yesterday evening to a COOL house instead of a sweltering sauna. I would've stayed home but I was anxious to start/finish a dress for L from some lovely fabric I found for $1 yard. I'll post pix later...when I finish it completely AND I can find my camera!'s MIA!!!

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