Friday, August 11, 2006

Ever been to the Elks Lodge?

I can now say that I HAVE! lol

Dh & his best friend belong to a city Tennis Club. We think they are the YOUNGEST members. The club holds 'socials' all the time. Of course we never go. Dh & best friend joke that they probably all play shuffle board all night.

Well dh Best friend, Forrest, thought it might be funny to go this time. It was all you can eat pizza for $9! haha, real funny. Since DH had the night off we agreed. He & his W & DH & I all pull up to the Elks Lodge w/ it's neon Vegas Style 'ELKS' sign across the top of the building.

We can't open the have to be 'buzzed' in...oooohhhhh! Someone finally does & we step in....& back in time about 45 years. The place reeks of old smoke. (smoking indoors is no longer legal in our state) Everything is dark brown wood w/ the high gloss sheen of way too many coats of polyurethane.

They recognize noone. In true Improviser fashion, F 'assumes competence' (rule #1) & walks right in & leads us to a table. I want to leave immediately as all the 70 year old pairs of eyes looked up from their chicken pot pies to check us out.

Finally DH goes up to the bar to ask some questions. He is informed that he must be 'signed in' by an Elks member. oops! And that hte tennis club members come every week, eat pizza then go upstairs to play....shuffleboard.

Another man approaches us @ the table & F explains they are members of the Tennis Club & are here for the social. He gives F pg wife a few extra pats on the shoulders & states that the club members should be there anytime now, they come every week.

We sit a few more minutes...I suggest we go to a real restaurant & hang out, I mena we got a sitter & everything! Dh & F decide to go ask the cashier @ the buffet counter if she knows anything. We hear her exclaim very loudly: "oh! That's tomorrow night!"

We left soon after. lolololol

We went from being the youngest people @ the Elks lodge to the oldest people @ the movie theater. funny.

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