Thursday, August 17, 2006

I was out of town...

Last weekend was our annual Business Convention for my direct sales biz. It was a little fun & alotta tiring. lol

A few highlights:
I was awarded the title of Ms. Eros. lol I sold the highest % in the company for that particular product. I received a free bottle of it and a gorgeous rhinestone necklace & matching earrings.

(I'm trying to post a pic but blogger is being wierd, will do later)

The new catalog was debuted & it is very cute w/ lots of wonderful new products......AND they titled them after one of my catch phrases: Mild to Wild. I always say we've got everything, from Mild to Wild. So there are now 2 catalogs, one entitled Mild that contains lotions & massage oils & lotions, body scrub, bath products ect. Then one entitled Wild, that contains the more intimate items. I LOVE it!

Last but not least...I am featured in our new recruiting brochure. It has a lovely picture of my family & a brief business testimonial. I feel special. ;o)

Most of the training was business tactics I already know...but it was very motivating & helped me realize a few things in my personal day to day life I'd like to change. I set some business goals & am motivated to go after them. I'm really excited. ;o)

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  1. Congrats to you!

    You need to blog more often! I always enjoy reading it!



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