Tuesday, August 29, 2006


The first & I guess most important, biopsy came back NEGATIVE!

The one that 2 different doctors were SURE were fatal. NEGATIVE! :o) ;o) :o)

There are still 2 more biopsys & results we are waiting for but both of those have treatment plans/options.

My mom is coming home from the hospital today.

I thought I had already witnessed more than enough miracles in my own life.....apparently GOD is so grascious that HE provides room for MORE!

I know everyone's prayers are directly responsible for God's mercy right now.

I will totally relax once all tests come back & we know the next course of action. I can't believe how CRAZY this has all been.

today: PRAISE the LORD!


  1. Oh thats wonderful, i'm so glad to heear about the test. I will keep you and your mom in my prayers. I hope that God your mom peace. (pain free)

  2. Thank God! Still praying for you. Be blessed and keep your faith strong! Nothing's impossible with God! He's AMAZING!

  3. Well...PRAISE GOD!!!! I have a friend who was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma a few years ago and told he only had 3 - 6 mos to live. He's still here 7 years later!! The doctors have never seen anything like it...and are continually blown away by this man.

    I'm praying that the same miracle is true for your Mom....

    Keep us posted...and keep the faith!!


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