Saturday, October 28, 2006

To My Children, My last Request

To you my children,
I leave one thought,
which I hope to be
that my love for you,
filled my heart,
and in return,
even after I'm gone,
will fill yours.
So please,
this being my last request,
whether you remember,
my face,
my smile,
or my eyes,
please remember,
and know in your heart,
how very much,
I love you [both].
We had the pastor read this poem @ the end of the service. My mother wrote it in 1975 & my brother found it in her closet. We excluded the word 'both' since there were only 2 of us @ the time she wrote it & there are now 3. She used to like to write poetry & we found many of them.

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  1. Wow, thats beautiful...I didn't know that your mom wrote poetry, I remember her sinning worship @ calvary chapel mid-cities. I love your mom alot, I am always here for you if need to talk,yell,cry or need a vacation (it's nice here)
    I love you Katy & I hope you know I'll always have EARS for you. Tiff


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