Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Santa Train

Every year I struggle to think of our Family Christmas traditions...@ first I always think we have NONE...then as the season wears on & we repeat familiar practices, I remember. One of my favorites is the 'Santa Train'. In the city my Inlaws live in, their block is a marked stop for the City sponsored "Santa Train". We have gone over there every year, stood in line, taken a picture & they hand out big red apples & a giant candy cane.

One year I was so upset because for some reason my MIL didn't tell me when it was coming, she didn't realize it was something I had gotten used to doing EVERY year. When she realized how upset I was...she has made sure to let me know ever since then & I have made sure to let her know I am planning on coming over that day! lol

Today was the day. We almost missed it this year. We were running a bit late, a bad habit I am trying to break my ktbunch of...we were actually driving right behind santa, his fire truck escort & his train. I pulled into MIL driveway & we hopped out just in time.

There is usually a long line....not much of a line today AND I must say, Santa was MUCH earlier than in years passed. Last time it was dark by the time he got there, this year, it was just past three o'clock.

Then we just hang out @ MIL's house for awhile & she usually gets McDonald's Happy meals & burgers & fries for all of us. This year she offered but my younger sil said no, she didn't want to leave the house cause I think she was waiting for a phone call. (she's 15!) lol So we ate tostadas instead, still yummy! ;-)

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