Sunday, December 3, 2006

Shameless Mommy BRAG!!!!!

The Lego League Tournament was today, I think I mentioned previously that oldest is on a team w/ other students in our homeschool group.
Oh my! Was it ever exciting.

This was the qualifying round....the top 2 teams would automatically qualify for the CHAMPIONSHIP round next week..

NOT only are they rated for their robot's 'performance', 3 rounds worth...BUT they are also rated for 'team work', presentation', 'design' & something else.

Then there are also individual team awards, such as: overcoming adversity award, team spirit award, programming award ect.....

From the first round, they had trouble w/ the robot...they misunderstood a rule & couldn't have some 'pieces' on the table that they thought they could & the robot wasn't programmed to work w/o them. I know it might be hard to understand.....just bear w/

The robot has 2.5 minutes to complete as many tasks on the table as possible, & they get to do this in 3 rounds or tries. After the first disappointing round....they reprogrammed their robot AND kept their cool & greatly improved their score in the 2nd & third rounds.

They totally cleaned up in the presentation & team work rounds...they scored the HIGHEST in all the other areas of competition EXCEPT performance.

SO it was close....VERY close. They were in 1st place OVERALL but in 3rd place for 'performance'....w/ ONE round to go.........

Then it was lunch & then closing awards ceremonies.....we thought FOR SURE they would get a design award or something.......they got a 'programming' award....then this other team that we figured would automatically be in 1st place got TWO awards.....we were all kinda disappointed.

We were SO HOPING they could @ least get 2nd place to go on to the championships & we hung on to the hope that an EXTRA team could be 'invited' to the championships even if they are not the top two.

So they are announcing the final award....the 1st place Champion team & they announce the team NUMBER instead of the team name....silence...then a gasp of realization.....


It was so exciting it gave me goose bumps & another mom started crying! It was so cool!

They were SO sharp! Their team name said it ALL: SAJASABIE----> it's a compilation of ALL of their first initials. So cute AND so cool.

The team slogan is: would you like some Sajisabe w/ your sushi? & lil E drew the logo. It's a fish face w/ it's skeleton in the background & chopsticks crossed under it, like a skull & cross bones!

We are all SO excited for next week. :-)

I kept thinking my mom would have been SO excited for him so I tried to be extra excited for the both of us. Lil E & I both imagined how she would have reacted when he told her. I think she would have acted totally surprised & then really, really enthusiatically excited!!!!! She was good like that. Of course, she would have gone to work tomorrow & told EVERYONE too. LOL


  1. Anonymous3:42 AM

    How exciting!! I hope you can take some pictures of their creation....and I'm sure your Mom is still very proud of him.


  2. Are you kidding? By now your Mom would have sent me 2 or 3 e-mails about it and pictures of everything! LOL!! And then in the snail mail I would get a booklet of pictures of the whole thing! LOL!!
    I still have her booklet that she made of pictures from Puerto Rico!


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