Thursday, February 15, 2007

It's true!

Remember when you were little, & you got new shoes & you believed they made you run faster?

Well, guess what? It's true! lol

I finally got some real running shoes. They are specefically made for running. They make all kinds of shoes for every sport & I was using my regular casual tennis shoes. I knew they weren't running shoes....but hey, I've got a budget! AND I'm 'frugal' I've never had a need for anything more than a normal tennis shoe. Running shoes are not cheap. A cheap knock off will never provide the comfort a specially designed & well made shoe will.

Most running shoes are ugly. Seriously, they just are. They have 'shocks' that look like rubber springs under the heel. *I* think that is so ugly. Some don't have those rubber shocks, they have air shocks. (think: Nike Air). The heel has a cushion of air in it. Plus, the running shoes are super light weight. Noticeably, light weight. Well, I found a pair that were totally *me* & not so ugly.

I wonder how many of us are attempting to accomplish tasks everyday & we are wearing the wrong foot wear? Maybe we're even trying to fill someone else's shoes! No wonder why we feel so uncomfortable. It's not our shoe to fill, right?

We wouldn't dare wear a high heel to run in, nor would we wear a combat boot to a ball, or running shoe to the opera. Special events call for special shoes.

These running shoes are designed specefically for the stress created by the act of running. They are not designed for swimming. They are not designed for football, baseball, bike riding or tennis.

Because there is a difference.

We each have our own 'race' to run, whatever race God has called you to. Are you trying to run your race in the wrong shoe? Are you ill equipped, wearing the wrong armor? Is it someone else's armor? You can't get the full benefits wearing armor or a shoe, meant for someone else.

Are we even in our own lane? Are we trying to run someone else's race? A race that was never meant for us? Only you & God can sort that out.

When I put that in persepctive, it sure does clear a few things up for me. God is training me for *my* race in this life, not yours. I have to make sure I am wearing the proper foot wear for *my* event, not yours.

I've got the right shoes, the good shoes, I'm in my own lane, but guess what.......*I* still have to do the running! ;-)

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  1. Cool... but now I have to know, are they pink?? ;-)


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