Wednesday, February 21, 2007


ladies, Ladies, LADIES! WHAT? Just say NO! Please, don't give in to the 'Hooker Look'! Come on! TIGHT jeans & HEELS? There is a reason these went out of style in 1987! Remember?

No one could really fit in them? And the fact that unlike the movie 'Angel', there really ISN'T a 'respectable' woman studying to be a law student by day-hooking by night! ok?

I don't care if they have 'stretch' now. I will let you slide if you are 14 years old & you wear them w/ flats. But GROWN women, wearing them w/ heels? It should be against the law.

How is it that anorexic models are being banned from the run way BUT suddenly the 'skinny jean' is getting major exposure? Notice the contradiction?

Let me tell you a's NOT the jeans....if you're skinny, you will LOOK skinny, if you are not, you will look-er...HOOKER! get my drift?

If we ALL stick together & REFUSE to purchase, much less wear these jeans, they will die a sudden death like ...I don't know, beta videos? Let them fade an old towel left on a summer clothesline.

If this keeps up, the next thing you know we're gonna see a resurgence of 'stonewashed denim'! EEK! Or worse---> shoulder pads! yikesabee!

Bring back CLASS!

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