Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Feeling discouraged...

I don't know...I can just feel it coming...I am doing my standard 'shut down', feeling overwhelmed, distracted & unable to focus on the necessary tasks.

It's my own fault. I know my routine....I start feeling overwhelmed & then shut down to the point where I don't do anything, thus making myself more overwhelmed.

I only have tomorrow to get everything done that needs to be done before I leave. That is what is getting to me. I have packages to mail, bills to pay, packages to pick up to take w/ me to my aunt's house ect.

Most of the pressing tasks that I need to do are NOT trip related. lol

I still need to create & print a detailed maps for our route. I don't think I will need a camp reservation because I do not believe it will be too crowded right now. lol ;-) I need to pack everyone's clothes, blankets, the tents, air mattress & food & snacks.

I am excited about the trip itself. I believe once I get on the road....all will be fine & I am excited about that part. I had ds find & set up the tents in the back yard. Seeing them makes me excited. We have a really BIG tent! :D I knew it was big but....I haven't seen it for so long...I mean it's REALLY big! lolololol

I don't know if I should aim to leave @ 4am...or later....Decisions, decisions, decisions....

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