Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Clothesline UP.....

Energy costs DOWN! :D

For the 1st time in a few years, our energy usage was actually LESS than the baseline allotment. The summer usage baseline is 295.8 & our usage was 295.1! lol I use the clothesline everysummer, so I know it's not just because of that because in comparison, our usage is dramatically lower than this time the last 2 years.

I believe it's due to a few changes....1) a brand new refridgerator (even though I was impatient & ended up w/ a not so very energy efficient one) 2) using the lap top instead of PC AND of course the clothesline.

I thought the energy of the dryer was being exchanged for the energy of the pool pump, but I guess it doesn't use nearly as much as the dryer.

I think we (everyone) should bring back the clothesline!

Modern technology was really just a trick. We were decieved by industrialism. Promises of making our life 'easier' were UNtrue....because clothing manufacturers were in their pockets....since washing clothes was no longer a 'back breaking' chore, manufacturers could produce MORE & create in us a desire for more.

SO what was the outcome? We have MORE laundry to do than EVER!

But if we went back to a time when we had to hand-wash each & every stitch of better believe we'd have way less of it. Right moms?

That's my conspiracy theory & soap box stand for today. ;-)

And for the 1st time ever....I've figured out the uncontrollable trick to not having crunchy clothes & towels that can stand on their own, off the clothesline...a bit cooler temps & a breeze. The other day the clothes were actually nice & soft, like out of the dryer soft but minus the burning heat. lol I realized it was the cooler temp & nice breezes all day. Our clothes weren't getting baked in the sun in 10 seconds flat.

I truly enjoy hanging out clothes on the clothesline. Besides knowing I'm saving gives me a reason to take a break & step outside for awhile. I fold the clothes as I take them down too & come inside w/ a basket full of folded laundry ready to be put away....instead of the alternative, which you ALL know---dumped on the couch, or in our case the footstool.

Plus the passion flower is in full production & there are no less then 3-5 Monarch butterflies @ a time flitting around to keep me company. :-)

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  1. I could not hang out because it's TOO HOT... but my Mother used to do it. I do love clothes dried on the line.

    Have a great weekend.

    :-) Susan


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