Monday, September 3, 2007

Got Water?

The next day after our Disneyland 5k, lil e & I volunteered to work the Disneyland Half Marathon. We woke up before the buttcrack of dawn to arrive! We received a free volunteer t-shirt, lanyard & afterward a cool commemorative mini backpack (I LOVE that thing!) & a packaged 'meal'.
We were stationed @ mile 9...yes the race was 13.1 mile long. We poured & stacked a gazillion cups of water. Our 'station' also contained 'food' & gatorade. I never saw any real 'food'...I think it was these packs of energy goo or something.
It took about 45 minutes from race start to see our first person...the ultimate winner. He was fast & was barely breaking a sweat. He did not need any water. BTW...we were in the middle of a heat @ was already around 80 degrees.
We stood there for hours, until the very last racer, an elderly gentlemen who was worn out & walking, holding out water, pouring it on runners & cheering them on.
We got lots of grateful 'thank yous' along the way, from those that could still talk. lol The runners were all shapes & sizes, over weight racers in the front, skinny women lagging way behind, older, younger, all colors, some in Disney costumes. Runners, that you knew, this was probably the hardest thing they had EVER done in their lives. Drenched in sweat, beat red faces, questioning thier sanity. And I was in awe of every single one of them.
Afterwards, it was barely 10 am? or so...E & I rewarded ourselves by going to wasn't too crowded but it was SO hot...I could NOT stop sweating. So we went on a few rides we hardly ever get to go on w/ the littles, then headed home. :-)
AWAKE @ 4:00AM! Are you kidding me?

There were 8 long tables stacked w/ water like this.

Water poured &, nothing to do but wait for runners. I'm already sweating & the sun has just come up!

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