Friday, November 16, 2007

No secrets allowed!

I DON'T allow much secret telling or keeping in our home.
BUT we can keep 'surprises' anyway....

Last night S tells me he wants to 'learn to crochet' so he can make a beanie or something for someone for Christmas.

I pull out L's little knitting machine she got last Christmas? & start showing him how he can use that.

Well....*I* can tell he is wanting to make one for ME but he is trying to 'keep it under wraps'. He's asking me what color yarn *I* would like even though he's making a beanie for "L".

He leans over to whisper in L's ear he's making one for "MOM"...I can TOTALLY hear his whisper.SO he keeps mentioning that he's making one for "L"...well I guess L kinda got confused because then she's telling him what color SHE wants HER beanie to be. Then he tries to change the 'MO' & says he's making one for lil e...

Then L is telling him what colors to use for lil e!!!

It's SO funny & he's trying to be SO slick.

Then after a little while...L comes in & she whispers to me: "Don't tell S...but he's REALLY making that beanie for YOU!"

I tell her---> L!!!! WHY did you tell me, it was supposed to be a surprise!
she says: I KNOW! that's why you can't tell him!
me: L, you ruined his surprise & that's not very weren't supposed to tell.

her, in ALL seriousness, responds: "Well, I didn't want to keep secrets! SO don't tell HIM!"

It was SO funny!!!!

So I went to Walmart & bought them a round loom set called the Knifty Knitter...I heard they are pretty cool & not so hard for littles to use.

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