Sunday, February 10, 2008

Why people LOVE CA!

So a few weeks ago I joked (IRL) about how coooooolllldddd it was! Yes it was, REALLY! I'm serious! I'm NOT actually got COLD here. Our ski resorts had REAL snow, not the man-made stuff. In my neck of the 'wood's' we actually had real rain, for more than a few days.

Well was all back to the CA we know & love & makes other states jealous.

It was clear blue skies & warmth!

Well, everyone & their brother must've taken the opportunity to work out that cabin fever!

We started the day w/ a family bike ride/run. Dh, oldest ds & Dh attempted to run while the littles rode their bikes next to us. It's a good pace for them....except for my Birdygirl. She's a funny one.

She's the one, who, when I get up & holler: "whoever wants to go running w/ me get dressed & ready" responds: "I'm NOT going running", w/o batting an eye! Dh had just readjusted her training wheels but she's not particularly used to riding her she was pretty slow going. Dh walked next to her while oldest & middlelittle & I ran/rode laps back & forth around them. lol

Finally realized that was not gonna we headed home....& decided to go to the beach instead. They have a trail there & Dh figured he could fish off the pier @ the same time.

The littles kept asking & asking if they were going to be able to go into the water. I said no cause I thought it might be too windy & cold. It wasn't. The ktbunch hung out on the sandy beach, playing in the sand while DH & I took off along the paved bike/pedestrian trail.

Everyone was out! The energy was high. There were plenty of bike riders, roller bladers, walkers, joggers & runners. I enjoyed the sound of my feet crunchy the sand on the paved trail. It was different & nice. It was a really lovely time.

I don't know how long the trail is but going off my time, not very. I only got about 25-30 minutes in, so I think that would be less than 3 miles. But it was ok.

We gathered up the ktbunch & headed to the pier. I sat & did some crochet. Dh & oldest tended to thier lines. Those smart fish kept getting their bait w/o getting hooked. lol There were lots of families sitting around relaxing & fishing. Birdy & middlelittle attempted to learn 'crochet'.

Can I say I was SO proud to see Birdy actually making a REAl chain!!!! Middlelittle S did too but his technique is a bit different & he got bored quickly & wavered between playing w/ his hotwheels & checking his fishing line. ;-)

It was sweet to hear Birdy exclaim excitedly that she GOT it! It took her a few tries (& whines) of it not 'working right' but eventually it did.

There was an overly melodramatic moment right before we left as Birdy was playing w/ one of middlelittle S's hotwheels on the railing & SPLASH! dropped it into the ocean. S immediately burst (& I mean BURST) into crocodile tears. I guess the idea of having a gazillion other hotwheels wasn't comforting enough.

I actually was able to wear a skirt to church tonight again.


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  1. Yep, the weather is probably one of the "biggies" about CA...same with FL. Although we don't have quite the extremes that you can.




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