Friday, March 14, 2008

Anyone else feeling it?

Is this or is this NOT the WORST time change EVER?

I thought it was JUST me, but after talking to everyone ELSE! It seems it is not.

I am SO tired. I am so drained.

Yes, i stay up late, but I've ALWAYS stayed up LATE! I'm dragging.

Well, yesterday I had had ENOUGH! SO I dragged myself up & FORCED myself to get up & out!

Did 5 miles...a walk/run combo, taken too many days off to run it the whole way. But did some hill work, up & down both ways, 2x + ran some bleacher stairs 10x.

Sambo thinks this is the coolest, most funnest thing EVER! Running the bleacher stairs that is. lol

Good for him. I like it. I like natural work outs like that. Forget the gym stair climber. blech!

Had an emotional weekend....went to a wedding. VOMIT! (literally, but I won't get into that in public!) Too soon, I realized. Oh well, live & learn.

I think there was something else I wanted to share but i have forgotten...maybe later! lol

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  1. Hey there - hope everything is okay. You're in my thoughts. :)


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