Sunday, March 16, 2008

Hey! I got a sunburn!

That's what I forgot to write the other day. lol

When i took my run. later I saw I had a definiete sunburn & could see the tan/burn lines from my sports bra.

I should have ran yesterday but.....I didn't.
I'm finally feeling so much better. last night I stayed up late, as usual & woke up early but was NOT so drained!

The weather is gorgeous again today. Yesterday turned super windy & that made it cold. Weird.

I'd like to start crafting MORE! I have things to put up on ETSY & I just have not done it. I also have a 'trade' to send out & some half finished crochetted cupcakes...OH! & prize to send for an e-aquaintance. I can feel the creativity but not the time....I think Spring Cleaning would help...clear my mind, space & free up some time!

Ok, off to the park, gotta run.....well, not literally! ;-)

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  1. The weather is so pretty here and I got sunburned this weekend at the fair.

    Glad to hear you are well..,and yes, the time change DID cause me a lot of "trauma".



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