Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hooray for Hollywood!

Took a drive out to LA today, specefically to check out the Oscar Nominated Costume designs!

I thought it was a display of ONLY the 5 nominated films but it was a display of quite a few different films such as: Blades of Glory, Atonement, Across the Universe, Marie Antoinette, Elizabeth: The Golden Years (this years winner) & Nancy Drew to name a few.

It took us longer to find parking than walk through the actual exhibit but I thought it was still TOO cool! It was a nice little something different to do w/ the ktbunch on a Saturday.

I really liked being able to see the detail up close & personal of the costumes. You can't catch it in the actual films, no matter how BIG your screen is.

For example, there was a costume on display, of Christian Bale's character from 310 to Yuma. He plays an average guy, a rancher type. His costume looked worn, the pants had patches & the buttons were mismatched. Like an average hardworking family man in the midwest would have during the time. Russel Crowe's character on the other hand, was in a finely tailored outfit w/ shiny buttons. His side-kick wears this outfit of orange suede-like pants that button all the way down the sides of his legs from the hips, sort of flashy, & totally suitable for his character. I LOVED this! One of the female characters actually has a sweater underskirt, I know they wore layers & pondered what they did in the cold since women only wore skirts & dresses. DUH! An underskirt that is a thick sweater skirt makes perfect sense! The other female had 2 under skirt layers.

The female costumes...boy were they SMALL! I know these actresses are thin but WHOA! The costumes are so tiny, many of the males too! DH thinks it is only for display purposes & perhaps these aren't the original costumes worn in the movies, but I disagree. I think the actresses really ARE that skinny! & possibly much shorter than they look too?

Kiera Knightly's green dress from Atonement...just as gorgeous IRL as in the film. The fabric looked much lighter weight though. In the movie I thought it was satiny...but IRL it was something much lighter, like linen maybe? We're not allowed to touch them OR take pix! Sorry. cause you know I would have!!!

It's a cold & dreary day so we stopped for some hot cocoa @ a Starbucks, it was the only place we could find. Then we drove a bit to this basic 'coffee shop' type restaurant & ate some real food & it had totally delish SWEET POTATOE fries! ScrumpdillyUMPTious!!! I've never had them before.

We then drove to Hollywood Blvd & wanted to walk around but we couldn't find parking & it was too chilly so we decided to call it a day. Dh pointed out his 'improv school' to the ktbunch & the theater we saw HSM-the musical @.

Now, just home chillaxin. I think I'm going to go bake & decorate some cupcakes! ;-)

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