Friday, March 21, 2008

Someone should have told ME!

You don't realize when you get married...that you marry a person w/ all kinds of {hidden} junk!

Sure, they are cute & loving & all that. Sure, you know that once you actually have to share air, space & a closet, things might feel a bit cramped @ points & you will learn that they may not ever put the cap on the toothpaste!

I'm referring to deeper issues. There are parts of people, every person, I believe, that may not show itself until that crisis moment.

Perhaps not until they have a lot of money does something deep stir within them. Or maybe under times of deep stress.

No one tells you that not only are you marrying a person AND all their extended family BUT you are committing yourself to thier JUNK! & they to yours!

Young hopeful-weds need to be told that there may come a time when you may encounter a situation w/ your spouse that is WORTH throwing & losing your favorite pink suede shoes in the bushes, because lucky for your DH, you have bad aim! kwim?

That's when you ask yourself...did 'for better or for worse' REALLY mean THIS?
You wonder: just how serious is this vow & covenant thing?

The {married} life you imagined may not look anything like the {married} life you end up w/.

The person you choose to marry may not & probably will NOT be the same person you are married to 10 years or 15 years later. & I don't mean because you got divorced & remarried. I mean because people DO change & develop. You don't really know what kind of parent they will be or choose to be. You don't really know what kind of expectations they may have deep inside. Or what familial patterns have been established within thier being.

How many times do we see people who swear they will NEVER end up like thier parents (or something else) only to become the very thing they swore they would not.

People grow & they do change or develop unexpected habits or patterns.

My point is: you have to be prepared for this. Marriage is definitely a test of love. Sacrificial, unconditional, undying love.

Can you think of someone else you may know that loves like that? ;-)

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