Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Calling the Shots...

Yikesabee! The travel department of my health insurance finally called me back (blahblahblah). The girl on the phone said I needed 9 shots! what? My 'teammates' all told me it was 4 or 5.

I got to my appointment & my 'orders' were not there. The nurse made a phone call & then got orders for only 4 shots....ok? It wasn't so bad. I had my 2 not-so-littles w/ me & aren't they witty? Birdy kept telling me to just take deeeeeep breathes (like I always tell them), then S says: all you need to do is wash your face & take a drink of water & you'll be fine. Again, what I tell them for everything! lolololololol

I questioned the order for only 4 shots & the nurse assured me that was what she was told...w/ the disclaimer that if it was incorrect, she would call me & that 4 was enough for one day anyway. Sure enough, by the time I got home later, there was a message waiting for me to call the travel department again. sigh. I think I need 3 more diff ones.

On another note, S had his first T-ball practice. He was asking about it! Seriously. First thing this morning he began asking me what time it was because he knew practice was @ 5:30. lol He had a great time. The coaches seem nice.

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