Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's summer right?

Oh...yah.....We just happen to catch a fabulous fireworks show the other night from our porch. Then it dawned on me, it's a show we usually attend EVERY year! what? That's what happens when you fly across the world, right?
You forget stuff or something.
And before I left, all T-ball games for my middle-not-so-little were said to be played on Saturday mornings. Yay! Well, now that I've returned I've been informed that all T-ball games will be Tuesday nights....@ 6:30....uh, well we have YOUTH GROUP on Tuesday nights. sigh.
And my S was so sweet to offer to miss his games! What mother or any parent for that matter could do that? Of course he won't have to miss his games! I have the best children, I am so blessed!
So I will spend the season arriving late to Youth group every week, where I am a leader & oldest ds attends regularly.
Speaking of oldest....he was going to take a class w/ some leaders from church.....also on Tuesdays...but that had to fall through as there is a more pressing matter @ hand....passing Algebra 1. Which he failed to do during the school year.
Ok, there I said it. My son FAILED Algebra. I'm over it. Personally, I think it's only half a big deal. kwim? That's what happens when you have crisis & trauma (ie: the nightmare). People freak out, children fail classes ect. But people don't want to hear of failure from a 'homeschooler' right? Because if a homeschooled child fails, it MUST be because of the homeschooling. (eye roll) Every home-educating mother knows exactly what I am referring too...that pressure of excellence. It certainly couldn't be because the child(ren) were emotionally distraught when grandma died or dad left, right? (another eyeroll)
Hey, I aim for my children to be academically average & characteristically excellent. And so far we are right on course. :-)
Went tot eh beach yesterday, I've been told that everyone back @ home suffered a scorching heat wave while I was experiencing torrential rains in Ethiopia....& they kept cool @ the beach. Hard to believe yesterday. It was windy & chilly. I tried to hang in there, but there is only so much sand being blown in your eyes, bag & bible a person can stand right? SO we left, rinsed off, got In-N-Out & saw WALL-E instead.
It was ok, but can I admit I am tired of dating my children? And after watching hours upon endless hours of movies on flights just short of forever, I am really not in the mood to 'watch movies'. I am not referring to spending time w/ my chillers either. I am referring to watching kids movies! argh. I'm so glad they got to enjoy Kung-Fu Panda while I was GONE! lol
But I have to admit that one thing I have NEVER had a complaint about, in almost 16 years of marriage, is my DH being a very good dad. He's rarely, if ever, lost his temper towards our chillers, he's a bit too indulgent but nothing that would cause permanent damage, & he loves to 'treat' the chilllers & see them happy. I'm grateful for that.
Now, it's time to enjoy SUMMER!

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  1. Hey! I'm finally catching up and was so excited to hear about your Ethiopia trip. I need to head over to that blog to really find out about it.

    Hope you're rested and enjoying getting back in the swing of things.

    Many Hugs,



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