Saturday, September 13, 2008

Are we in the dark ages?

We've made progress ya' know? Women are allowed to go out & get jobs AND we do NOT have to be sentenced to 9 mos of bed rest because we're pg!

BUT apparently some still think a pg girl can't even play soft ball! It's annoying. I think I know MY own body better than anyone else right? I mean i HAVE lived in it a few decades.

Baby is MORE protected NOW than it will be @ any other time in pg & yet I can't tell you how many times I have heard: you CAN'T play softball anymore!

Well, guess what? I AM a bit too tired to play, sure...BUT there is NOTHING that says I CAN'T! Modern female medicine has made it clear that anything a woman was doing BEFORE she became pg she can continue (not talking about dangerous habits like smoking or drinking) but sports! I might quit tackle football if I was playing, but GMAB!

It is not advisable to being a new physical training program during pregnancy but you can continue in whatever you were currently involved in. kwim?

And anyway---I AM a responsible adult. I think I know what I am & am not capable of & what is & isn't safe for me & my baby. I HAVE birthed & raised 3 perfectly healthy & safe children up to this point.

If I DID get hit by a ball--again, baby is buried under so much bodily padding it's ridiculous, since baby is still so small. kwim?

Ok. Vent over.

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