Monday, September 29, 2008

what a WASTE of time!

Had an appointment w/ a Genetic Counselor today & it cost me $25 bucks! For what?

For her to ask me & then discuss if I wanted to have the AFP testing. I already got out of the unnecessary & extranneous blood tests, savign me an unnecessary errand....but instead they send me to THIS 'appointment'.

I had no idea it was going to cost me $25 either! For absolutely NOTHING! So annoying! I think they think many women are just uneducated idiots who don't realize why they turn tests down. She only confirmed my reasonings: the only reason to test is to further give you an option to ABORT! {eyeroll}

The test itself poses a higher risk of complications & baby/pregnancy damage then the risk of actually producing a child w/ the birth defects they are testing for! kwim? {more eyerolling}

I made it clear I would never 'terminate' anyway & she agreed that testing would only cause UNnecessary anxiety! Yah! I know! It's my 4th pg, I think I know a bit about this. kwim?


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