Sunday, October 26, 2008

LA Cancer Challenge time....again!

Today was the LA Cancer Challenge that I do every year since my mom died, benefits Pancreatic Cancer Research. The people from my mom's job all created a team & have been doing it since she died as well & my mom's boss, her DH died this past year from the SAME cancer. They raised almost $8000, as a team!!!
So you all know I have not kept up w/ my running very much. I planned on doing just the 5k (I did 10k last year), figuring I'd walk w/ the team.
HOWEVER, they used timing chips this year, it's an electronic chip you put on your shoe & it electronically scans/measures your time...well as soon as I saw that chip, the competitive nature in me took over..... I just could NOT allow myself to WALK that whole thing. SO I figured I'd do a run/walk combo....Well, I started out w/ a light run & never stopped!
I also forgot how much UPHILL this course has! LOL
I was pretty slow but not too far off of my 'average' times. Fastest I ever got here @ home was just under 35 minutes.Well today I was just under 38 minutes!!!! I think anyway, I don't have the official time yet but I saw the time clock when I crossed the finish line.
It's so emotional for me too. Getting to that finish line & I just FEEL like I have left ALL my troubles behind & nothing really matters but FINISHING! It's amazing & I always want to cry.
DH & the kiddos were there, different from last year, he had just made the decision that he wanted to be w/ our family again & he came to the race w/ me but didn't move back in for about a week & a half later. This year he was here & I almost really started crying when I crossed the finish line & he gave me a big hug & said good job.
Sometimes, like that great verse in the Bible (which I TOTALLY love) you 'finish the race'. (that's not the quoted version. lol) But the verse references running the race well to receive the prize. kwim? Just focus on that, stay on course & get to that FINISH line!
I feel So good. It'll prolly take me a week @ least to recover! lol
BIB #: 2706
GUN : 38:04.3
TAG: 35:55.9
PACE: 11:35
SEX: 346
The GUN time is my time from when the race actually STARTED but does not take into consideration the time it took me to get to the START line w/ the crowd--up until I crossed the finish line.
The TAG time is the actual time between when I crossed the START line to when I crossed the FINISH line, that's what the timing chip is for & makes it more ACCURATE! THAT is the time I am proud of myself for, cause that is how long it actually took me to do 5k.
PACE was average time per mile.
OVERALL is between ALL the participants, what place I came in. There were 1863 participants TOTAL. (men, women, children) So 757 place isn't So bad. lol
SEX is my place just from Female participants.

Yay ME!
btw: I'm 15 weeks here! ;-)


  1. Great job, KT!! I left an award for you over at my place today. Hope you're well.

    :-) Susan


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