Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The time is long over due.

I have heard completely DIFFERENT things about Barack Obama today when I actually got to have an intelligent conversation w/ someone who is a Christian & did vote for him....up till now, I haven't been able to find anyone willing to converse on the matter.

I am beginning to think I totally misjudged him.
I also must admit that I do NOT know his heart & that was judgemental of me. I was wrong to do assume he was not a Christian, when I really don't know, only God does.

I'm mad @ myself & feel deceived. I'm mad @ myself for not doing my own personal research & just going by opinions I was hearing about the two presidential candidates. (I realize they were opinions now, thinking they were reliable facts) And trusting the media anyway, biased in both directions, both candidates lieing about each other.

And I do think his race is very important. I do think it matters greatly, especially TO black people. And I don't think I can really truly know how much it means to any minority group, especially African-Americans.

People are in serious FEAR. & worse......
People are getting worked up over 'what ifs' & worse case scenarios.

Christ did tell us to give to the poor---he never indicated strings attached...& Obama does seem to care about the poor.

The bottom line is: (*i* think) WE, the CHRISTIANS dropped the real ball & not just in voting. Many Christians voted for Obama.

WE dropped the ball on morality & values. The laws, the president's stance or political party affiliation would NOT matter if WE were evangelising & BEING the church. It IS our responsibility to be a LIGHT to our neighbors, to share the TRUTH of the Gospel. If WE were doing that....abortion rates would DROP, regardless of if it was legal or not. Public Assistance rates would DROP regardless of availability. Imagine how empty courts of law would be if WE were ministering to ALL our neighbors, even the gangbangers. kwim?

Consider myself just as, if not MORE guilty.

Health insurance would NOT be an issue, or lack of, if we were actually lending a hand, helping our neighbors regardless of their needs, pitching in to pay their medical bills, offering our first aid knowledge, or other skills. kwim?

No we are not responsible for others households but what if we were ALL reaching out in the Name of Christ, OUR Lord & savior from whom we believe ALL our blessings flow? Maybe if we were sharing MORE of what God had blessed us w/....there would be LESS NEED out there. More kindness, more love, more peace, less strife, less greed.

Why do we strive to hold so tight to what we think belongs to us: our rights, our voice, our opinion, our $$$$, if we truly believe ALL we have is a GIFT from God, or that ALL we have & are BELONGS to GOD anyway? SO why not give it away freely? kwim?

If we truly disagree, wholeheartedly w/ Obama's political platform--then it's time to put our FAITH where our mouth is & fight harder than ever to BE the light, BE the church...perhaps if McCain HAD been elected, we Christians would have continued to sit back *I* believe we have been.

I know many women believe they are bringing up their children in the fear & love of God our Father...but maybe God is challenging us to step further OUT. Out of our comfort, out of our homes, out of the familiar, out of our OWN preconceived notions of what WE think God wants us to do & be...maybe it's time we DO & Be what GOD wants, not what WE *THINK* He wants. kwim?

I don't know but these are my immediate thoughts for now.....


  1. While I think that this is a momentous time for our nation, it certainly is not the best time for our Christian values. Obama is the most pro-abortion candidate to ever run for national office. His record speaks plainly on this. His running mate and Obama's own wife have also spoken plainly about their support for same-sex marriage. I can only assume his own position is reflected by those with whom he surrounds himself.

    While certainly we can't judge his heart, because we can't know it, we can judge the public positions he has taken. Regardless of his concern for the poor, he has consistently taken positions that show a blatant disregard for the most defenseless among us: the unborn.

    While I certainly will pray for President Obama, I will pray that his policies are not implemented in a way that will result in the erosion of religious freedoms or the death of more defenseless unborn babies.

    I just don't know how a Christian can reconcile his or her worldview with Obama's positions on abortion, same-sex marriage, etc...

    The Bible is clear on such things, and we have every right to form an opinion about Obama based on his public positions on such things...

  2. I can not disagree in theory....but I think the entire point of my post was missed.

    I still stand by my point that it is *Christian* responsibility to reach out much more than we have been, & I believe *that* is the only *real* way we are going to effect change in our neighborhoods, communities & even country,regardless of *who* is in office.

  3. I got your point and I totally agree with you, KT!


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