Saturday, December 27, 2008

back to being ME!

Holidays have a tendency to heighten feelings, especially negative ones.
Hey, pregnancy does too. lol

Add on aches, pains & migraines...

Today, as I lay in my cozy warm bed, imagining it was too cold to get out & *do* anything else, even though my DH was going out to play a game of tennis...I realized I did not want to BE the achy, whiny, depressed kt.

I refuse to allow negative memories to BE me.
I refuse to let an achy back BE me,.
I refused to let a migraine BE me.
I refuse to let all these complaints BE me.

I have a choice.

So I threw off the covers & got UP!
It took me awhile to get myself together, dressed, find missing running shoe, brush my teeth, make numerous jic trips to the restroom before I headed out...but then I got the dog & we were off.

I did a warm-up mile. Then decided to go for it! I actually moved faster than a walk, some would call it a jog, whatever. lol Then a cool-down mile.

I choose my attitude, my self.

The run portion wasn't too uncomfortable for being 25 weeks pg. Seriously.

No whining, no more sitting down feeling so blah.
I swear running is God designed therapy!!!

When all else fails or your life sux (which mine does not, but still) you can *always* take a run!!! (or walk)

For a few minutes I felt like *me* again. @ least the *me* I want to be. The me that is strong in body & spirit. The *me* that is not defined by circumstances or disappointments. The *me* not defined by whining, aches & pains or migraines that last 3-5 days!

I am the *me* that looks forward to tomorrow, a brand new day!
The *me* that has choices, choices on how to respond to circumstances, friends, family & life's curve balls AND disappointments.

The *me* that chooses to make the best out of everyday.
The *me* that can cut herself some slack, take a rest when needed & keep moving forward no matter what.

The *me* that recognizes that I am one of the *most* blessed people I know.
Plus, I *crack* myself up....on a regular basis! lol :-)

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  1. Awwww...kt...this is such an important message for us all. Blessings to you!!

    :-) Susan


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