Monday, December 22, 2008

The Manna Christmas

Oldest DS has dubbed this the Manna Christmas!
It's quite fitting & I agree w/ him.

We have been so remarkably blessed. A care group from our church blessed us w/ boxes & boxes & boxes of food. Which was generous enough on it's own.

But also, (I think I blogged it?) took me shopping @ Walmart for gifts for my kiddos (can't post them oldest reads sometimes! lol) BUT also, along w/ the food were wrapped gifts for our family & more unwrapped toys & goodies for the kiddos. I mean lots of fun stuff. I mean *a lot* of fun stuff. Even a whole gift bag full of cutesy bath items like shower gels, bath salts & scrubs, body butters, lotions, soaps & candles!!!

How sweet is that?

And items we take for granted everyday...until we really don't have a dime to spend on them, like razors, tissue, *toilet paper* (hello!!!!!), toothpaste, toothbrushes, & even *mascara*!!!!

I mean who thinks to donate mascara? kwim? I thought that was *really* thoughtful! Seriously. It all could have been a few things for my kiddos! kwim?

We really needed TP & toothpaste. We could use baking soda, I don't mind, but my kiddos aren't fond of the taste. lol I personally prefer the all naturalness of it & w/ a little peroxide it's the *best* tooth whitener!

God cares so much about us. Even the fine details like TP! kwim? Seriously, I've been to TP is not really a big deal *to me*. I know how to make due. It sure is nice though. :-)

I wrote in my Serious Sideways blog awhile ago about the Manna God provided the Hebrews. It wasn't anything they had ever seen before & certainly *not* what they expected...& yet it was provision. God's provision for my family, through out the years & most recently, is certainly not anything I could have expected or imagined. & yet it's more than sufficient.

I could even *give* gifts this season if I so decide, there is so much.

When I brought oldest into the bedroom to see all the gifts spread out on the bed, he gave it the name. Manna Christmas. Perfect!

It has been so exciting to see God work in this way. Even more so the lessons (I hope) that my family (kiddos especially) are going to be able to see, recognize & remember. I hope this will set a firm foundation in their own lives so that it won't take them 35 years to realize how much they *can* trust God to always be there for them when they decide to follow Him whole heartily.

I also realize it's more than just a lesson about *provision*'s a lesson in faith & commitment. A choice to follow God, to persevere, no matter what, in good times & bad. In good times...AND bad! Where have we heard *that* phrase before? hhhmmm....??? :-) And trust. Are we willing to trust God in prosperous AND lean times? Do we trust Him even in the fine toothpaste & toilet paper? Do we believe He cares even about the fine details?

And what effect will this have on our lives during the prosperous times? I believe that will be the true test.....


  1. Amen Katy!! Thank God for blessing your family like He promised - Lexceedingly above all that we can ask or think . . ."

    Merry Christmas my friend!

  2. Praying for you all and praising God for this blessing.



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