Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Treasure

Here is one of the treasures I found in my parent's storage unit. A letter written to, I believe, my gr. gr. aunt Clara's father, requesting her hand in marriage. The weird thing is that I remember "Aunt Baba" (her nickname was Buddy but we called her Baba for some reason) being married to "Uncle Harvey"..although I never met him.

So I don't know who this 'George?' fellow is. lol

I'd like to scan it so you can see the lovely handwriting. It is written on a paper w/ company letter head:

St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad Company

Crocker, MO
Sept. 17, 1907

Mr. J.D. Payne,
Trinidad, Colo

Dear Sir and Friend,

You will perhaps be surprised to get this letter but I want you to give me a fair chance.

I love (illegible) with your daughter Clara and love her very much. She returns that love. It is our desire to be married at an early date and your consent is all that is lacking. Her mother has consented and I ask you to do so as quickly as you can.

As for my prospects I am you know day operator here with a prospect of holding it as long as I like.

It pays a little better than seven hundred per year, sufficient to support a wife in Crocker.

I do not think you will have any faults to find to me personally as I have tried to conduct myself in a gentlemanly way. (illegible) to do so.

Please don't refuse your consent--you do not know what it means to me.
I am waiting for an early and favorable answer.

Yours Humbly,
Geor (?) Johnson


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