Thursday, January 8, 2009

Down w/ Multi-tasking.

Lately, I have been feeling like I am juggling more & more tasks & accomplishing less & less. How is that possible?

I realize I'm flitting from room to room, project to project, trying to accomplish 10 or 20 things @ once & not getting *any* of them done!!! It's so frustrating.

Multi-tasking is the millennial way right? A characteristic of being a female?

Well forget it! I'm over it.

I have decided no more multi-tasking---well unless it's chit-chatting on the phone while doing dishes. But who talks on the phone anymore anyway? right? lol

Seriously. I am going to focus on ONE major task a day. Same w/ my kiddos. I've created new school plans: focus on ONE subject for a specific amount of time & that is it. No more trying to get it all done in one day, @ *one* time, *all* @ once, getting distracted by the need for *breaks* all through the day.

Even if it's for a limited amount of time, say 50 minutes. Well it will be 50 minutes, uninterrupted, to focus on ONE task, project or subject @ a time.

I realize how hard this might be recently when I actually had to debate w/ myself on whether or not to bring yarn & a crochet project w/ me to visit some friends. I thought, what if we run out of things to talk about? What if no one wants to talk? What if it gets boring? kwim?

But what kind of thinking IS that? We went to the movies recently & again I was thinking: will the movie provide enough light to crochet while I'm watching?

Crochet is really no big deal & very non-intrusive as far as visiting & crocheting but still. It was the idea behind it. kwim? The idea of how much or how many different things can I get accomplished simultaneously in a block of time?

Crochet aside....I haven't been accomplishing much of anything. Want to read a book? How about downloading a book to your ipod instead so you can listen to it while exercising, cleaning, or anything else.

It sounds like a time saver right?

I say we get back to enjoying the MOMENT. The ONE thing you give %100 of your focus to, undivided & just BE THERE, in that moment. Fully.

Forget the to do list. Forget thinking 10 tasks ahead, or 10 days ahead. What about fully living in the *right now*.

Remember that?
SO I vote *Down w/ Multitasking*!!!!

How does that sound?

So ONE goal will be to help my not-so-littles clean their room. TO COMPLETION! That's it. Do it until it's finished. IF & when it gets done then maybe I will decide to pursue a new goal. OR I will reward us greatly!!! But I won't even decide to think ahead UNTIL that ONE task/goal is finished.

Maybe that will be my new motto: ONE {BIG?} *thing* per day!!! :-)

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  1. "Down w/ Multi-tasking!"

    You should make t-shirts...heck, why not bumper stickers, mugs, and license plate borders, too!


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