Monday, February 2, 2009

We've been chasing a rabbit ALL day!!!

I'm NOT even kidding.
I was awakened by an early morning knock on my door, it was barely 8am. I was ASLEEP, as was everyone else.

I didn't answer but I did get up & look & some lady was walking away.

Well I figured out it was because there was a rabbit in our yard & then under our car.
We live on a main street so I have been afraid all day it was going to run out into the street & get killed.

We've been trying to CATCH it all day. It's all white w/ freaky red eyes.

It runs down to another block but eventually keeps coming back to OUR yard. Apparently he likes the dandelions? lol

BUT we can't catch him....
SO now our new tactic is to try & guide him to the side of the house, we have a small garden fence & I thought if we could get him over tot eh side, I could set up the small fence & he would @ least be safe.....he MUST belong to someone???

And *I* must look hilarious, this obviously pg lady, chasing this rabbit...I almost had him once, he was right in front of me....& I had a giant blanket to throw over him to trap him but I missed...a few times. lol

@ least I am in the sunshine, we are laughing ALOT & I'm getting a bit of exercise. lol

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