Friday, March 13, 2009


I really can't believe I'm so close. kwim? Tomorrow is the baby shower MIL is throwing for me. Initially she told me it would be @ the park. I thought that was a great idea so I would be able to invite my own friends too. She told me I could.

But then she changed it to her house. I even told her she could have it here @ *my* house...we've had *Welcome Baby* parties here before....but she declined. So I really didn't invite any of my own friends to it. I know it will be crowded enough & parking will be a bear.

She was afraid the family from TJ would not want to go to the park or to my house....I guess she forgot that they've all been here before....idk.

Some ladies/friends from church said they were going to throw me one....I think now they are planning on throwing a *Welcome Baby*??? I'm not exactly sure.

I don't even know if MIL is planning on any games or any thing & she seems quite stressed out over it altogether. I *hate* that. It makes me uncomfortable. & the time kept getting moved later & I already know it's going to be a very *long* day.

I think I should have registered for some more & different items but I never made it back down there, we've just been *so* busy. Oh well. & mil told DH that some of the *aunts* were complaining that they could not find anything on my registry. Well yah, that's kinda how it is. A list just prints out w/ sku numbers & the title of the you have to search thru the store to find it.

But I don't care. I couldn't register IN the store for what I really wanted anyway, so a gift is a gift. I'm sure anything they get will be fine. And if not...I'll just take it back, get store credit & stock up from wanted items, online, that were not available in the store. lol

I didn't even get a chance to scan/register for blankets! I'll prolly end up w/ a lot of blue items when I really want green but that is my own fault. I could not decide between the green w/ frogs or the green w/ monkeys. lol

Maybe when/if my other friends throw me one...I'll have a better idea. who knows? lol

I don't know if I want to wear a pretty dress---that makes me look even huger, tomorrow...or a shirt & pant...

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