Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I tried to get out of it...thought I had by missing it in December...but NO!

CNM *still* wanted me to go in to get my Glucose Tolerance test done. Which is this annoying test to check for gestational diabetes. {eyeroll} I know, I'm SO rebellious!

So you can't eat anything past 11pm, which I never do anyway BUT because they told me not to, I totally wanted to. lol I almost forgot this morning NOT to eat--simply out of habit.

I get there first thing @ 7am. I had to wake up in the dark mind you due to the time change. ugh. There was a long line @ the lab. Go in, drink the sweet orange stuff. It kind of tastes like flat orange soda but on an ampty stomach...ugh. They take blood. The guy who did it---barely a pinch. He was good except I couldn't really understand his accent. He was nice enough NOT to tape the gauze to my hairy arms but used this sticky ace bandage-y stuff instead.

Next hour go in for more blood....a different person. This one poked a bit more & she used tape but didn't put it too tight, thank goodness.

Next hour, last time. This one HURT! & she put the tape TIGHT! What happened to the ace bandage? kwim?

It was over anyway.
I crocheted a hat while I was there & did some writing. Real writing, on paper, in a journal book. lol

My arm is still sore from the last one & I think I have a slight bruise. What's up w/ that?

I have my next prenatal appointment tomorrow AND Birdy has a violin lesson half hour later. I have to scramble to figure out a way to get her to her lesson while I am @ w/ the CNM......Dh is unavailable. (for a good reason) And she can't miss, it's her first one & she had to miss last week cause DS had Scarlet Fever. I've had it before, which makes me immune, so baby & I were safe.

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