Thursday, April 16, 2009

What did that helicopter say?

We're sitting here watching a movie....& I realize there's a helicopter flying around outside & I thought i caught the tail end of an announcement or something....What did that helicopter say? I ask no one in particular.....IDK is everyone's response & Sam adds: but there is a cop outside...oh is he giving someone a ticket ? (our corner is a frequent stop for ticket giving) No, he's just standing there... ?????

We all start looking & see a police officer across the street w/ his car facing our house. He is outside his car but standing behind the door.

I look out ds bedroom window to see if there are police down the other end of our block...nope!!!

DS looks out the kitchen window & reports there are 3 police cars & an SUV police car @ the opposite corner behind our house & they are all pointed/facing our house. I joke: we actually are surrounded! Then the phone rings & DH jokingly asks: is it the police. Ds looks @ the caller ID & gravely responds: Yes it is. I check & yep! SO I answer.

They identify themselves as the Sheriff, verify my address & inform me that they received a report of a male w/ a gun entering our back yard!!!! My stomach drops in fear! They ask if I am alone...NO, I'm here w/ my 4 children & H. What are their ages: 16 to 1 week....THEN the police officer asks: uhh..are your children playing w/ an airsoft or pellet gun? Not @ the moment but they have them. Ok ma'am...we're going to have you exit the rear of your home w/ your hands up----to my *backyard*? @ this point it has not dawned on me & I'm thinking they are going to have me exit towards the man w/ the gun???? I was wondering are they going to tell me to lock my back door, or exit the *front* of the house? kwim?

SO he says yes, exit the rear of the house w/ your hands up.

I say: ok but I'm only going to have one hand up cause I'll be holding the baby.
So he gets on his radio to double check how they want us to exit the house w/ the children.
He wants me to stay on the phone w/ him as I exit...uh my phone won't reach that far...oh, ok, never mind.You exit first w/ the baby then have each person exit w/ their hands in view, staggering about 10 ft. apart.

So I explain to everyone & S is crying...afraid & overwhelmed. I exit as told, trying not to lol.They instruct me to walk all the way down to where they are...Birdy is after me & then they tell me I can wait for her. SO I turn around so I can walk holding her hand. Then Lil Ern comes out & they approach him & w/ his hands behind his back, give him a pat down. Then Big E & Sam come out & they send S my way & stop DH to give him a pat down & have him go across the street to the other officers.

Of course *neighbors* are gathering down the block @ the corners & 2 more police cars have pulled up by now, making a total of 6 police cars, a police SUV & a helicopter!

DH said they told him: it's obvious you are a normal family, & this has all been a misunderstanding but we have certain safety precautions we have to follow.

Sam still has his hands up all this time & I notice & tell him he can put them down...he starts crying again. DH hollers across the street asking where the guns are...oldest responds: on the kitchen table. DH is escorted by 2 officers into the house to show them the guns.

The officer by us tells me this is the 3rd airsoft gun call they've gotten this week...& that it's killing them cause the airsofts look SO real. Another officer tells us/ds that when he was younger he had an airsoft rifle & his neighbor called the police on him too! They were nice, considering.

I was just speechless really.....trying not to lol @ the ridiculousness of it!!!
Then they took my name, thanked us & we were allowed to go back into our home. We went in & S started crying again. He said he was afraid we were all going to get arrested...or @ least DH & I! Poor guy.

Apparently, when the boys were outside, in the backyard playing w/ their airsoft guns...oldest was on the sidewalk looking for S & someone drove by (I'm assuming it was someone *driving* by) & thought he had a real gun.

The excitement never ends @ our house!!!!


  1. Well NOW your facebook status makes sense! LOL What an ordeal! Glad everyone is fine. haha

  2. you left out the four teams of elite Navy SEALS that were watching us from their sniper scopes..

    IT'S TRUE!

  3. The best story ever!

  4. Oh My this was AMAZING to read! I almost couldn't believe it! I was PINNED to my seat reading it and you told it so well! LOL still...thanks for posting it! Glad you are all 'safe' and survived the ordeal! I love your attitude! :D


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