Tuesday, April 7, 2009


in their right mind schedules a new mother & baby for a 9:00 AM appointment the very next day after release from the hospital for giving birth? Apparently Kaiser! lol

WHAT was I thinking agreeing to it? arg!

It was to check for jaundice...all fine.

However when they weighed him the *advice nurse* seemed very concerned over the fact that he had lost %10 of his birth weight...bringing him *down* to 6lb 4 oz!!! Yikes!

So...she suggested we supplement w/ formula temporarily.

Nod & smile. yah, NOT gonna happen!
My milk hadn't even come in yet...I'm fairly healthy so I predict there should be no problem there, never had a problem before. She made an appointment for us to come back in the next day to weigh him again.....ugh. We had her schedule it for the latest possible time...to give ourselves that much longer to feed him.

Smile & nod.
Smile & nod.

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