Friday, April 3, 2009

With out US!

Oldest left early this morning to head on out *towards* SF for the state tournament....

I can't believe we are not WITH him. But being as we're on Baby Watch 2009, it was unrealistic. I think I am in a bit of denial about it.

The first realization was when we were about to go to Marriage group tonight & realized we needed to actually get a *sitter* for our youngers. Usually, they stay home, watch a Star Wars Clone Wars series w/ big brother & hang out. We don't have to worry & by the time we get back they are asleep & either oldest is too or on his way.

I know, I know...he's 16! I KNOW! It's not just's that we're missing it! I feel bad that we are not there to *support*. kwim? He's w/ his teammates & they seem to have good families.

But even still.....he's already *forgotten* Rule #1---> calling us to let us know he ARRIVED!!!!! kwim?

I know that is NOT too much to ask & common courtesy. {sigh}
DH called tonight...yah it was a bit late...but hey, this is MY SON! kwim? The father of the family he's w/ answered...think we woke him up. Sorry. Blame my son. lol He said they were all asleep. That's good to know...& slightly not believable. lol

Since we did *not* go due to BW2009---odds are we *won't* have the baby. lol

You know how *that* works. :-)

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