Friday, May 22, 2009

What I've been up to..

*I haven't been running or walking the distances I want, but I do get @ least a mile in, but my *big* clothes that were actually tight are getting looser!!! I *did* run a mile yesterday though!

*Baby has hit a magical moment--taking the pacifier for a bit more than short bursts. {I don't normally use a pacifier on my babes...but it's just for a short time}

*The garden is not completely finished as I have lots of viney plants I need to find space for (30 cucumbers anyone?) Some friends helped spruce up our yard & garden beds & built some raised beds for veggies!

*Also busy planning a Women's Retreat for our church, {I am the new women's ministry leader} which includes learning how to be sensitive & diplomatic w/ a mix of different female personalities on my team.

*Finishing up the school year (SO glad it ends in May!) & get ds situated for summer school. (they allow the highschoolers to take extra classes to get ahead *or* catch up, he's doing both. lol) Plus research & make curriculum choices for next year.

*Dealing w/ 7 lil puppies & all their poo & pee until we can find homes for each of them.

*Staying out of my dad's constant-state-of-drama-life!

Trying to be cool, calm & collected w/ everything while learning FIL has cancer in his liver & all the uncertainty that brings.

*Then regular day to day life w/ never ending laundry & a permanently full sink of dishes.

ALL on 3 hours of sleep a night! whew!

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  1. Hey there! Sounds like you've been keeping pretty busy - even without the newborn baby stuff to deal with. LOL Hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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