Saturday, June 13, 2009

I hope it's a trend...

Last night baby seemed to be asleep. I laid him in bed but still had a few things to do before I joined him. I noticed he would move & shift around a bit but I decided not to start nursing him right away but to wait & see what would happen. This was around 10pm or so.

He pretty much stayed asleep!!! It seemed to take him about 20 min to be fully *out* but he made it. He had even opened his eyes a few times but went back to sleep.

I finally heard from him around 4:30am or so & I nursed him back to sleep.

I will try this again tonight & see what's hoping! :-D

By morning time, he's such a smiling joy! So maybe he is a morning person?
Yesterday I put him in the wrap, but facing outward. He seemed to like it. We were outside so that might've helped. We worked in the garden, pulling weeds & I explained everything to him the whole time. He's a great listener! LOL

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  1. Good Baby! I mean Good lil Kt!

    Maybe he'll grow up to have a green thumb?


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