Friday, July 17, 2009


We received a letter a couple weeks ago stating that we had failed to report some income...or something like that. We were assigned an appointment with another case manager. The top of the letter had our regular case manager's contact info.

I called her to find out what this was about. She informed me she was not the person to speak to but the person listed @ the bottom of the page. She also told me that it was the fraud department. ACK!

The letter also let us know that we were required to bring in all proof of income dated from Oct. 2008. Weird because we were not in the system until Dh lost his job in Dec. 08. Why the necessary extra info? It also stated that if an *over-issuance*{of food stamps} had been given then it would be corrected (lessening the amount you receive until it balances out) or if purposely fraudulent, suspension of food stamps would happen.

I'll admit I was scared. I wracked my brain trying to think of when I may have forgotten to report anything. The letter stated they had received employment information from our previous employer and they didn't match. I wonder, if they already received the information, why do *I* have to bring it in?

DH couldn't even find all his paycheck stubs from that far back.

The day came for the appointment, I prayed and prayed and prayed and prayed some more. I prayed the appointment would be ok, they would believe us and we would be treated like human beings. I also prayed even more diligently that Dh would get an awesome paying gig that would eliminate completely, any and all need to be 'in the system'. period.

We arrived & surprisingly it wasn't long before our name was called. The name on the letter appeared to be a male name but there was a female waiting at the cubicle desk. She informed me that i Had received a letter giving me this appointment date & that there was income that had not been reported BUT that I did report it. Therefore, there was no need for the appointment today. She continued on to say that the computer automatically spits these letters out if your income is over a certain amount???? And that next time I should call first to verify if I really need to come in or not. Sorry.

W.H.E.W!!! I was so relieved and happy & thankful to God. I did not mind one bit going in for it to be *nothing*. I thanked God all the way out of that office. DH even said to me, as we were walking away, "I guess your prayers really worked."

Uhh..YAH!!! :D

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