Sunday, October 4, 2009

3? Are you kidding me?

Baby has 3, count them, 3 teeth! I thought it would take longer. whew! For cutting in so many, he certainly hasn't been very fussy.

Last night though he broke out in a fever and slept very fitfully. I do not know why. The digital ear thermomenter we have was of no use either. It wouldn't read his temp as anything over 96 degrees and it kept reading *my* temp as 94!!!

I've been giving him a few fooods here an there. He loves banans but they seem to give him a stomach ache. He refuses to open his mouth for hard boiled egg yolk. I even mixed it with lots of coconut oil and sweet potatoes once. Yesterday he had pomegranite applesauce. High in antioxidants low on baby friendliness. It was a crack up. He'd take it in but then make these sour faces that were so funny.

I steamed and mashed carrots for him. Except for being mush, I thought they tasted deliscious. Apparently he does not agree. I am trying to start him off healthy but he seems to not be having any of it. I know breastmilk is the most nutritious thing for him right now anyway so I guess there really is no rush.

I have  a group I meet with every other Thursday night, so even though I don't want to rush him, I want him to have something available to hold him off when I am not here for those few hours.

And even though I am enjoying the bit of 'freedom' (which really isn't an accurate word), I am saddened by how quickly he is growing. I think I normally do a good job of savoring the moments...but this time has flew by.

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