Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy NEW Year!

The year started out full of hope and promise.  I am certain this year will be filled with many new adventures and opportunities-CRASH-! What the...???

We were on our way home from lounging around @ my Mother-in-Law's home.  I was driving the 'adventure-van' and Big E was behind me in the newly gifted 1994 Sentra.  We were pleasantly surprised to receive this fixer upper 'run-around'.  It needed quite a bit of work but appeared nothing a lot of time and grunt work and a bit of $$$ couldn't repair. Right?  He was excited to be able to show his mom how he had gotten it running.  It was such a relief.  No more trying to juggle violin lessons, tutoring appointments with his auditions, work and shows. Whew!

Then--the CRASH!

I arrived home before him, wondered where he was.  Oldest ds suggested he had probably stopped to rent a movie. He was right.  DH called--I was sure it was to ask my opinion on his selection--instead it was to tell me there had been an accident & to bring the van to come and get them. YOU ARE LYING! My raised voice automatically responded tensely.  I thought for sure he was joking around.  He wasn't. My thoughts are racing but I still am not sure if he is trying to joke with me, he must be right? Bring the van? that means the car isn't driveable--how bad is it? ARE YOU OK? The kids are fine, just bring the van. OK!

I rush out of the house and in a split second decision decide to have oldest ds go w/ me and bring the baby instead of leaving them there. It's right down the street and the red light would not change fast enough.  I am praying all the way thta no one is actually hurt. Maybe dh just *Said* everyone was ok so that i would not worry on my way. You know how husbands can be.  I see flashing lights and my heart drops.  My babies!!! What if it IS bad. I pray harder.

I pull up--I see them all standing on the corner. Thank GOD! No one is in an ambulance or anything. The car is trashed. I run across the street & grab my babies & they begin bawling. All I can do is hug and kiss them and tell them it's ok, crying is a stress release and they are ok now.  Praise Jesus for his angels watching over my babes. deep breathe.

My husband looks a little bewildered still.  Police keep asking questions, ask him if he has been drinking, do that little eye test to be sure.  I just can't believe this has happened.

Now it's day by day of physical therapy, doctor appointments, phone calls--OH the phone calls! How many people from each insurance are really going to call? Can't they just email each other the report? {eye roll}

Oh! What actually *happened* you ask? Well, dh was driving in one direction.  A guy in a Honda S2000 was driving towards him in the opposite direction and decided to make a left turn *into* DH.  No one was 'seriously' injured but I wonder what type of long lasting affects this has on a body.  WHen your back is tweaked--ouch!

We're back to 'juggling' appointments.  My muscles are so tense from the stress of it all I feel like *I* have been in an accident.  I still believe in you 2010! lol ;-D

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