Monday, January 18, 2010

Rainy Day

Perfect blogging weather--if only I had time to write all the blogs in mind.  I even have a back log of blogs in my head--pathetic? haha.

SO if you show up one day & there is nothing yesterday & then you hit refresh and suddenly there is--you'll know why. Yes, I post-date my blogs. Secret's out! :-)

I am currently working on the absolutely most fabulous Valentine garland EVER! Seriously.  It's gorgeous And it should be done soon...and then I will post pix.  I've also been sewing hearts. It's ridiculous how much I love Valentine's Day. Truly.  No, it's not just because I'm married either, although I have been married almost HALF my life. Whew!  That's a lot of Valentine's Days, right?

The same way I love Christmas music is how I love Valentine's Day.  I love to hear Christmas music because it's about Jesus, predominantly. People hear it in stores and malls and restaurants and hardly bat an eye but they are hearing about the savior of the WORLD!  Christmas is not my favorite holiday though.

Valentine's is!  I love it because we all have a Savior that loves us, whether we are single, coupled, married, divorced whatever.  There is one that loves us more than life itself.  I believe *that* is something worth celebrating. Don't you?

I think we should embrace this 'holiday' much more than we do.  Send Valentine's to everyone we love and care about.  Let them know there is ONE who will ALWAYS LOVE them! 

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  1. Katy! You've totally changed my perspective on Valentine's Day. I just kind of thought of it as a mandatory date day in the past. I didn't hate it, but now I see how much value there is in celebrating LOVE. Not in the Hallmark way, but in the real way. Love is the only thing that matters in life - it's why Jesus died for us and we NEED it to survive. Go LOVE! And go YOU for fighting cynicism in pursuit of the only truly important stuff!


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