Monday, April 5, 2010


Today is K's FIRST birthday! I can't believe it.  I know all mothers say how quickly the time flies--but it doesn't even *feel* like it's been a YEAR already.  Maybe it will at his party on Saturday.  The theme is frog prince with blue and green colors.  I am excited for the decorations I am making.

We went to Rain Forest Cafe to celebrate.  He was a bit scared of the big gorilla they have and the rain storm sounds and effects in the restaurant. Afterward we went to Build-A-Bear and let him choose a bear.  He was so sweet, cuddling it.  I didn't think he would even care but he seemed too.

He has 4 molars growing in that I can see.  He won't really let me look too much but I saw them.  Still 4 across the top and the saem 3 across the bottom.  Last month (or so) he fell and busted and bruised the inside of his lip a bit and I *think* it made one of his bottom teeth crooked. I'm not exactly sure but it is crooked now and I had not noticed it being crooked before. {sigh}  Good thing it's just a baby tooth.

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  1. I LOVE Rain Forest Cafe....I'm already contemplating what I will order the next time we get to go!!


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