Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wow! just wow.

I gave the message @ our Sunday morning church.  It was awesome.  Not just the message and not necessarily *me*.  The entire experience and how it all ended up playing out was over the top amazing.

Our Sunday morning pastor had asked me if I would be willing to share again, I had in the past & was well received.  I told him I would appreciate any opportunity because I really love sharing and don't have a problem public speaking.  He asked me what the Lord had been showing me recently.  I shared w/ him my idea of forgiveness actually being related to our identity in Christ.  He liked the idea and asked me share it this past Sunday.
Well, Friday night I had a dream that really bothered me.  It bothered me so much I began to get nervous that maybe I was not supposed to share after all.  When I got to church Sunday morning I let pastor know how nervous I was and about my dream.

I dreamt I was looking for the congregation to speak to but I was afraid I was not supposed to share if there were going to be men there. So I began to only look for the women.  I was entering lots of different class rooms and finding other groups of women but not the ones from our Sunday morning church. I saw pastor and he told me they were in the attic, I went up to the attic and there was a missionary team there sleeping but not the women I was looking for.  Then I woke up.

He assured me he did not think that I was not supposed to speak but thought that perhaps there were going to be women there today that would especially be able to be ministered to by the message. He and associate pastor prayed for and over me and that calmed my nerves greatly.  I felt freer than ever during worship. (which is always awesome during these services anyway)

I shared and then it was time for communion.  Afterward, pastor asked me to come back up.  He said he felt I wasn't completely finished yet and that God had something extra for the ladies in attendance that morning. He had me pray a blessing over all the ladies at once and then approach them each individually and pray over and bless them.  I was so nervous because some of the ladies I did not know.  It was a step of faith for me because I had no idea what I would say or pray over each of the ladies.  God was so faithful and gave me something, that I believe, was unique and individual for each woman there.

It was exhilarating, to say the least.  To be able to share my heart, insights God had given me, with others.  The response was very encouraging too.  A few men and women approached me after sharing, about how the message ministered to them.


  1. Oh.My.Goodnes!!!!

    That is so awesome, girl! Wow! I am smiling ear to ear right now! How cool God used you that way to speak blessing over the ladies corporately and individually. I'm sure God touched their lives. . .

    Was the sermon recorded?

  2. I just found out, it was. 8-)

  3. Don't know how I missed this...but how wonderful it must have been!




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