Monday, September 6, 2010

wearing baby vomit

really puts things in perspective.

Last night was rough. My toddler was up all night vomiting--from both ends. On one mid-night occasion--it was all over me! Sure it was gross, but I was more concerned with the health and welfare of my lil' guy than anything else.

I did not get much sleep, if any.  As soon as he would settle down, he'd then be awake screaming and crying with stomach cramps, followed by a blow out, one way or another, followed by him immediately falling back to sleep exhausted until the next 'episode'.

As any mom knows, being put in such a base position, the focus becomes survival.  God is so good though.  There I was holding my boy, praying for his good health and my husband grabbed me a fresh Tshirt from his drawer. It was all I could do to hold in my JOY at the receiving of the Tshirt.  It smelled SO nice and fresh.

I was finally able to lay baby down and the lovely scent of that shirt kept me company through out the rest of the night.  I didn't even want to take it off. I was so grateful and thankful for that little bit of cotton heaven. 

Sometimes, it's the littlest things that get us through...

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